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How to Cure Migraines Naturally - 4 Tips

It sounds like a crazy claim. I know. After years - a lifetime - of migraine pain:

I cured myself of migraines.

Since the age of 12 I experienced the horrible pain of migraine headaches. And not the once in awhile aura type quick migraines. I’m talking the 3 day long, nauseating pain migraines. I’m talking the migraines that wouldn’t go away unless I took the adult prescription drugs....

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How To Meditate

“I can’t stop thinking” – This is a full on message that meditation is what your body sorely needs. Overthinking is merely a habit, just like all the others things we do in a day. But it is 100% possible to retrain your brain to not only settle into silence, but to LOVE it.

This week we're talking about slowing things down and taking time to breathe, and the tiny steps you can take to succeed.

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How to Track Your Period

'Moon Time’, ‘Menstrual Cycle’, ‘Period’. A rose by any other name would still suck, right?

All my adult life, I have loathed my period. A time of emotional upheaval, uncertainty, distress. Inability to communicate with candor and care. Inability to ask for what I need without my partner giving me that look of “It’s that time of the month again isn’t it?”. Of course it is, and I’m so frustrated that I can’t be normal right now!!

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