How to Track Your Period

Menstrual Cycles in Busyness - Align Your Schedule with Your Cycle

‘Moon Time’, ‘Menstrual Cycle’, ‘Period’. A rose by any other name would still suck, right?

All my adult life, I have loathed my period. A time of emotional upheaval, uncertainty, distress. Inability to communicate with candor and care. Inability to ask for what I need without my partner giving me that look of “It’s that time of the month again isn’t it?”. Of course it is, and I’m so frustrated that I can’t be normal right now!!

There are about 2 weeks of the month when I am an extremely creative, high functioning person. New ideas abound, along with the energy to implement them. I say yes to every opportunity, and look for the silver linings in all situations. I’m social, quick witted, and confident in myself. I’m a champ.

The other two weeks, well, I wouldn’t describe them the same.

I start to feel pushed into the things I had committed to. I withdraw from social situations; switch to autopilot with the kids. I have miscommunications with my spouse. I get irritated at questions that only a week ago would have brought me joy to answer. To sum it up – shit gets weird. And then the guilty feelings wash over me. Why did I say that? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just get up and do things?

The answer is that I’ve been trying to do the wrong things during this time.

This is something that’s in the water in our society. We’re taught to give 100% all of the time. As business owners, we’re expected to have the same level of content output; the same level of energetic drive, 100% of the time. I think I’m not the only woman who fakes it (in business, or otherwise), probably about 30% of the time. And you better believe that once I started paying attention, I realized the “fake” days lined right up with my menstrual cycle.

Looking into the “why” behind my fluctuating ability to perform at different times of the month, I learned that as estrogen levels decline in the weeks before our period, so does our ability to think and communicate clearly…. or to remember simple words… or the fact that there’s wet laundry in the washing machine.

Over the last few months, I’ve done some deep searching and reflecting on what I expect from myself – in terms of my business and relationships, and my self care – at different times of the month. I’ve made some beautiful realizations about what my body needs at different stages of my cycle, and am working to implement a more thoughtful approach to my business and life, using my cycle to my advantage.


Monthly Menstrual Cycles in Busyness


Luteal Phase (otherwise known as PMS) – Estrogen levels declining:

What has long been regarded as the least favorite time of the month, has become a well needed space for reflection on how the previous month unfolded. Stepping back from my soapbox, I go inward – assessing the successes and failures of the last month. I make lists, organize my office, update my books. I meditate, and provide myself with long and loving massages. I reassess my commitments, retreat from that which does not serve me, and prepare to realign in the direction that feels right.


Menstrual Phase (our period) – Lowest Estrogen Level:

This phase is so sacred. It is the peeking sunlight after the storm. Through my processes of reflection in the luteal phase, I set new intentions for the month to come. I think about my vision. From a refreshingly emotionally balanced place, I write down my goals and listen to my gut feelings. I meditate on my business, and express gratitude. It is during this time that I often get those aha! moments, where a new idea pops into my head. I take some time to outline the content from these new ideas.


Folicular Phase – Estrogen Rising:

As my energy levels rise, so does my self confidence. I dive into my seedling ideas, have brainstorming sessions, write drafts, and problem solve the steps toward my vision. I get into conversations, connect with my tribe, reach out to the peeps who would benefit from my offerings. And I get posting on social media, sharing what’s new and shiny.


Ovulation Phase – Peak Estrogen = Peak energy:

This is the money week. Clear headed and concise, I seek opportunity for interviews, free talks, and networking events. I spread joy. I dance and sing like my kids are watching. I shoot my videos, offering humor along with knowledge. And I batch task my social media posts, scheduling them for the weeks to come, to provide myself with that well deserved reflection and organization time.

This breakdown of my cycle has brought so much clarity to the way I run my business, and the way I treat myself. As I focus my energies as outlined above, I release myself from guilt and stress. I am anchored by the moon. And my path, though winding, is clear.


Do you align your busyness with your monthly cycle?

If you struggle with inconsistent energy levels or brain fog at different times of the month, it’s worth your while to pull out your calendar and start tracking these feelings. Find what works for you and when, then use it to your advantage.

Post your experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear if this helps bring clarity and prosperity to your business too.