Simple Habits

for daily awesome.


I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to feel better in general. We all have thoughts on how we could be feeling better.

The common bigger goals I see include:

  • reaching the ideal body weight

  • not being so tired

  • exercising regularly

  • eating better & experiencing healthier digestion

  • silencing the negative internal chatter

And sometimes these goals feel just too big. Too far away. We can’t do it. We don’t have time to take action on it.

We’d have to do too much, so we opt for doing nothing at all.

I feel you. I’m right there with you. In fact, so is science. It’s been well documented that an all or nothing approach to change just doesn’t fly. We literally cannot implement great change over night (at least not without a massive shift in our external environment). It has to happen in gradual steps.

This is why at The Habit we implement simple habits. These are the miniature versions of the greater goals. Tiny shifts in our daily routines that set us up for consistent daily energy, strong digestion, and restful, nourishing sleep. Which magically gifts us with willpower to hit our goals.

Check out The Habit’s Daily Retreat checklist. These morning and evening practices help you check off the boxes in the self care department every day, in just a couple minutes.