Honesty with ourselves creates capacity for massive change...

It was the Spring of 2016. Three months postpartum from the birth of our second, beautiful child.

The beauty of my circumstance was completely out of reach to me.

In the depths of postpartum depression, my days were spent in a state of complete overwhelm. My ability to parent - to be patient and present and active - was immensely compromised by the negativity I painted over each moment with my children. 

Now i should say that this wasn’t just about “postpartum depression”. I had always had a cranky, critical side… but the hormonal upheaval and exhaustion brought on by the birth of our babes amplified things in a way that, quite frankly, scared the sh*t out of me. I had some pretty uncontrollable rage. I won’t get too far into the details (not on our first date anyway), but I’ll tell you this - when your husband locks you in your bedroom to stop you from screaming at your three month old baby….. it’s time to reassess a few things.

I was so tired. I was so overwhelmed. I was so angry. My body was stuck in stress response, and I didn’t know how to get out of it. And it cast a shadow on our whole family. I was going down, and I was taking them with me.

Solace only came in the form of detaching myself from the present. Set to auto-pilot. Go through the motions. Just push through. Turn on the TV. Just a few more hours until bedtime. I had to numb myself to any form of emotion, to keep myself from crying in desperation. I made another cup of coffee, and gave my daughter another fake smile. 

I developed an immense load of resentment toward my spouse, blaming him for my feelings of stress. But no amount of effort from him provided relief for me. My son was three months old, and I was preparing myself to wean him from breastfeeding so I could start taking anti-depressants, in a desperate attempt to fix what was wrong with me.

And then I was blessed with another path.

The 7,000 year old path of Ayurveda. 

.The Fountain of Youth.

… and the thing that got me out of my own way.



You can hop into the about section (and sign up for my emails) to learn more about Ayurveda specifically, but basically it’s like a naturopath, but with more of a focus on the rhythms of nature (medicinal foods, spices, and eating for the season, and chronobiology a.k.a living in alignment with the 24 hour cycle of the day).

Ayurveda is also slightly more customized, through attention to each client’s “constitution” (again… signing up for the emails would be good).

Clients come to me with #allthethings.
weight gain,
weight loss,
random rashes,
digestive issues,
sleep issues,
thyroid issues,

I talk to people about how they sleep, and how they poop, and everything in between.

And they ask me for a cure and sure, I can offer them herbal recommendations, teas, tinctures or salves.. and they can go away and come back when things are really bad again.
Western medical model for the win.
Except not... because nothing is being fixed. Supplements help, but they don’t remove the root cause for imbalance. So as soon as you stop taking them, your problems come rushing back.


Dang. That would have been so convenient.

But here's what's cool - Ayurveda has taught me SIMPLE lifestyle adjustments that have helped my clients with ALL OF THE THINGS. 

Because let’s face it. We all know we’re doing things in our day that perpetuate dis-ease. Too much tv or social media, crappy sleep, poor diet, laziness & sedentary lifestyle, not enough water, TERRIBLE INTERNAL DIALOGUE. The list goes on.

Thankfully I recognized that there are a handful of simple habit shifts that serve to alleviate MOST imbalances. I just needed to find a way to get people to DO THE DANG THANG.

I needed to

teach people how to take care of themselves, so they don’t need to see me for the supplements.

And oh my goodness, I NAILED IT! Self care is now firmly pinned to the top of every one of my client’s to do lists. How do they get there? Through group accountability (a.k.a the real magic pill).

I kicked 1:1 to the curb and built a community. We work together as a tribe to make change happen, and make healthy feelings permanent. Oh and also it's really fun. My members get to know tiny daily actions that improve sleep, digestion, energy levels, happiness... this is the goods my dear

Members of my group program are basking in all the benefits of a 1:1 practitioner, with the accountability to make permanent change. No more leaning on a hubby or friend to help them make change (cause oh man… no… that doesn’t work).

This could not be more simple. Daily rituals that FIT INTO YOUR CURRENT ROUTINE. Checking off the boxes in the mental, physical and emotional well-being department so you can get on with your awesome life. That’s it. And it all comes down to our habits.

In learning the foundational teachings of Ayurvedic wellness, along with the science behind the power of routine, and the unbelievable level at which our habits - good and bad - dictate our reality, from the ground up we’re creating a healthy structure for our lives.

I created routines and daily practices that fill me up, thereby filling up my kids. I'm now present and enjoying every moment. I'm calm and responding instead of reacting. I'm confident in my ability to raise grounded kids, from a place of groundedness in myself.  

The habits I picked up along my journey, and translated into the new normal for my whole family, have yielded HUGE results, in so many ways, in a SUPER SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. So here I am, with a happy smile and a new life's purpose:

"Be an incredible mom, and share what I've learned with every woman I can reach"

If you'd like to hear more about the benefits of an Ayurveda based lifestyle, or learn how to create your own transformative, permanent changes and uplevel your parenting game, I'd love to hear from you. 

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I would love to connect with you!