. Carly Banks .

 Certified Yoga Health Coach. Transformed Mom, Wife and Friend.

Honesty with ourselves creates capacity for massive change...

It was the Spring of 2016. Three months postpartum from the birth of our second, beautiful child.

The beauty of my circumstance was completely out of reach to me.

In the depths of postpartum depression, my days were spent in a state of complete overwhelm. My ability to parent - to be patient and present and active - was immensely compromised by the negativity I painted over each moment with my children. 

Solace only came in the form of detaching myself from the present. Set to auto-pilot. Go through the motions. Don't overreact. Just push through. Turn on the TV. Just a few more hours until bedtime. I had to numb myself to any form of emotion, to keep myself from crying in desperation. I made another cup of coffee, and gave my daughter another fake smile. 

I developed an immense load of resentment toward my spouse, blaming him for my feelings of stress. But no amount of effort from him provided relief for me. My son was three months old, and I was preparing myself to wean him from breastfeeding so I could start taking anti-depressants, in a desperate attempt to fix what was wrong with me.

And then I was blessed with another path.

The 5,000 year old path of Ayurveda. 

.The Fountain of Youth.

In learning the foundational teachings of Ayurvedic wellness, along with the science behind the power of routine, and the unbelievable level at which our habits - good and bad - dictate our reality, I have gone back to my roots. From the ground up I've created a healthy structure for my life. I've created routines and daily practices that fill me up, thereby filling up my kids. I'm now present and enjoying every moment. I'm calm and responding instead of reacting. I'm confident in my ability to raise grounded kids, from this new found place of grounded-ness.  

The habits I picked up along my journey, and translated into the new normal for my whole family, have yielded HUGE results, in so many ways, in a SUPER SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. So here I am, with a happy smile and a new life's purpose:

"Be an incredible mom, and share what I've learned with every woman I can reach" 

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