Are you ready to fully and completely fall head over heels in love with yourself?

I’ve reached the end of my first round of The Habits of the Real You program and it’s been…. absolutely incredible.

You don’t think about how fast time goes, and how much can change in that time, until you take part in a 12-week course like this. I’ve learned 10 life-changing habits and every week have committed time to break open my heart, work on loving it again and helping it grow and heal. Let’s just pause at that. WOW.

Every Tuesday, I allowed myself 1.5 hours for my personal growth.
Tuesday nights quickly became my favorite day of the week.

So, what have I learned?

I’ve learned to take it easy on myself. Some of the habits became second nature to me. I would do them in this mode where I wasn’t even aware I was doing them and it felt right. But, others took a lot of patience, a couple of tries and some focus to make them happen. And to be honest, some I really struggled with and can’t say I committed to just yet.

But, as Carly often said during calls, “let’s focus on the 1% instead of the 100%”. If I’m even just changing 1% of myself, that’s still such a huge amount of growth. I’ve allowed myself to break free of the “all or nothing” mindset and am allowing myself to realize that personal growth and radical self-care can be a slow 1% at a time process. The journey is truly beautiful.

I work in a high-stress environment Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. In the past, my emotions and reactions have mirrored the high-stress environment. Nowadays, I’m able to (mostly) stay level headed and calm amidst the chaos.

I know for a fact that I’m now functioning this way because of the habits I’ve learned and put into place. In times where I haven’t been able to stay level-headed, my one on one calls with Carly have brought on new a-ha moments and additional habits to do to help ease my mind. To allow that separation between "work me" and "home me".

We created a “goodbye work” ritual. A habit of hugging myself before I leave work and brushing the work energy off of myself. That energy can stay in the workplace. It is no longer allowed to come home with me. Like all the habits, this super simple addition to my day has made a huge difference!

I’ve had to do a lot of deep thinking during The Habit of the Real You course. I’ve sat in uncomfortable thoughts and the resistance and wanting to go back to old comforts that don’t serve me.

But now, even in those moments my heart feels like it’s 3 sizes too big for my body.

I’ve never felt this before.

I’ve always told myself that “I find comfort in sadness and have always felt off being happy.” That sentence, that excuse, has always been my vice. I’ve allowed myself to be sad because it’s my comfort zone. I allowed myself not to grow because I didn't want to be uncomfortable.

Slowly, with the help of the habits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and Carly, I’ve been realizing that is a lie I’ve been telling myself. A limiting belief. I’m ready to break free from that unhealthy vice now.


I’m actually the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. And it finally feels right.

The simple habits and the effort of doing them daily have brought on an acceptance of myself. I’ll be forever grateful for being able to finally love myself, exactly where I’m at, without worrying about who I’ll be in 2 months or where I’ll be in 2 years.

Simply put, this course has changed my life. I'm only 25 and I know if I continue with these habits, I will live that fulfilling, radical self love life I've always wanted to live. I'm counting down the days until the next round starts in January and I'm itching to do even deeper work this time around.

Who's with me? Are you ready to fully and completely fall head over heels in love with yourself?

I know that I am.

Molly K.

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