Your Year, Your Vision - What A Vision Board Can do

Imagine an incredible Year. Of. You.

Last night 16 of us gathered for the Your Year, Your Vision Workshop here in Kelowna.

imagine an incredible YEAR. OF. YOU

imagine an incredible YEAR. OF. YOU


... And it had me reflecting on my experience with these magical and oh so intentional craft projects.

Full truth: I made my first vision board in 2008. At a vision boarding party. Drunk


But it turned out kinda awesome, so I put it up by my desk at work for a while, then eventually it came home with me, and found it's way into my closet.
And then something amazing happened.

Four years later, as I was packing up my townhouse to move, I found it. 
And EVERYTHING had come true.
Like no joke. 

  • I had met an incredible man who i could have so much fun with (we pillow fight for reals)

  • We had a beautiful daughter

  • We were engaged to be married

  • We bought our beautiful home, and though it doesn't have a "private paradise" garden, it backs onto a park, with a pond, that hardly has anyone else in it but us (we got married back there in 2014)

  • I got a wicked deal on an electric scooter, that I attached a basket to and my dog rode with me and we both loved it so much.

  • I hadn't swam with a manatee but I had touched one while on a boat excursion in Belize!

So, really, it would have been crazy for me not to stop, drop, and make another one in that moment. I was so curious. What else could I manifest??

This time I was more intentional. Like we did last night, I thought about what experiences in my life I was craving more of. I tapped into how I wanted to feel every day, and let that guide me. 

Feelings of ABUNDANCE
Connection to NATURE, and all of its gifts
TIME for my children. A lifestyle that brings me closer to them.
CELEBRATION of my relationship (and of course, wedding planning)


Two years later - NAILED IT.

  • I found an awesome job as a renovation designer, that paid enough for me to be home 2 extra days with my daughter

  • I found AYURVEDA - the ULTIMATE connection to nature, and what would eventually replace my job with a business I created

  • We were out of debt for the first time in years

  • We planned a STELLAR wedding. My cake even looked just like this one

It was then I realized it you guys. 
Manifestation is my super power.


Lol I'm kidding. But wow nothing like getting some clarity on what you want and then making sh*t happen, hey? 

So, for three years I've studied how our intentions come to manifest. 'Cause really, it's more than just vision boarding.

We are at point A
We want to be at point B

And there are a million and one potential decisions, obstacles, unknowns on our path.

For sure, a lot of it is external. Stressful jobs, babies waking in the night, unhealthy relationships or "energy vampires" surrounding us, lack of time, lack of funds, lack of space, lack of knowledge.... I could find many more I'm sure.

But in truth, what was really getting me down / holding me back most of the time, was the internal stuff:

  • poor time management

  • misplaced priorities

  • unhealthy boundaries

  • unhealthy comforts

  • unhealthy distractions

  • negative internal dialogue

  • too much self guilt

  • lack of self belief

  • lack of accountability or fear of making my desires known (in case I fail)

  • I could find many more. I'm sure.

Any of that sound familiar? 

If you're looking at your vision board, or thinking about your goals, and feeling either unclear about the steps to get from A to B, or clear on the steps but nervous about the obstacles, it's time to pick up a more powerful tool.

At last night's workshop we spent time being laser focused on what we want to achieve in the next 3 months to a year. What if you had a space where you could (and we all "can", really, we just don't, so perhaps the term is "what if someone made you") do that every week? 
What COULD be possible for you, if you were 100% positive about meeting every one of the very real visions you cast?

The members of my group program, The Habits of the Real You, will tell you that incredible things can happen in 3 months:

  • One came off of a lifetime of anti-depressants

  • One lost 25 pounds (and has kept it off for over a year now - no bounce back)

  • Another, after years of struggle to conceive, became pregnant after just 5 weeks (and has since delivered her beautiful baby boy)

  • Many felt present and loving in their time with her kids, after years of postpartum anxiety

  • One finally established healthy boundaries with an emotionally abusive parent, stepped into her self worth, and started a business!

These are some of the bigger results. But I can tell you that the overarching feeling of members of this group is WELL. We're clear. We're healthy. We're calm. We're THRIVING.

The next round of The Habits of the Real You starts on Tuesday (yup, THIS TUESDAY, January 15th), and I've got 1 spot left. 

What's possible for you in 2019? 
It's Your Time to REALLY Find Out.

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