How To Support Yourself - Tessa's Story

Me, my Baby, and Myself - A Love Story by Tessa

I am so blessed to share this story, submitted by one of The Habit's tribe members about her experience with 11 Weeks to the Real You:

The New Year is often a time for reflection and new resolutions. This year I am starting out a little different, though, because I set the stage for 2018 by finishing my 2017 strong with The Habit the Habits of the Real You program

I was first introduced to Ayurveda based habit shifts when I watched a mutual friend of Carly’s and mine transform from the effects. I remember that first time seeing her after she went through these changes and marveling at how everything about her just seemed to be lit up - even her hair haha. There was a new sense of ease and self assurance and I was so happy for her, and impressed. I then watched Carly also go through this transformation.

Same story. Same glowing eyes and hair…

I, unfortunately, was pretty “busy” with life when Carly was going through her postpartum struggles, and have since felt like a horrible friend for not picking up on how she was doing. Its funny how we notice some things and not others, because I sure did notice her becoming more relaxed, more engaged, and more radiant as she worked her way through her first habit course. I had a lunch date with her where she filled me in on a few of the shifts she had made. I switched to earlier lighter dinners and created a morning routine. I found myself lightening up and feeling pretty awesome, even with just these small changes. You would think that would be enough motivation to press on, and join in a group. But the human condition is in thinking “i’ve got this” on my own.

I had intentions of picking up an Ayurvedic book and learning more “soon”.

A few short months later, almost immediately after I got married, I became pregnant (yayayayay)! I had a very healthy pregnancy, minus a nasty cold. I continued with my morning routine, doing yoga almost every day for the duration, and eating very healthy. I even continued to ride my bike, right until the bitter end (bumpy rides speed up labor, right?).

Once my sweet daughter arrived, though, this all went out the window. I was feeling tired, heavy, and was constantly beating myself up about my looks or my abilities.

I expected this, but didn’t expect how far my diet would swing or how badly I’d miss my morning routine.

Carly suggested I consider joining her fall group session, when my daughter was just 3 months new. I was concerned it might be too soon, but she suggested I just try and see how it goes. I could always duck out and start again later if it really wasn’t working. Once we got going though, I actually began to realize that maternity leave is a great time to do this program! No, I couldn’t achieve everything perfectly (which isn’t what it is about anyways), but the small changes I was able to incorporate helped me to cope with this major life change immensely. By starting the program when my daughter was so young, I’ll have lots of time to dial in the habits and perfect my routines before I head back to work.

We finished early December and I was feeling great about what I had accomplished.

  • I felt lighter and more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t weigh myself so I can’t quantify this for you in pounds, but I did do a few measurements. Most notably my beautiful momma belly went down 5”, and waist and hips 3”! I know this is a combination of weight lost, but also just less water retained and less bloat due to better digestion. One of my favorite measures of this accomplishment, though, is my new love for jumping! My daughter loves when I jump around, either just to make her laugh, or when I'm holding her and we are dancing. I used to swear that gravity increased itself when I tried to get both feet off the earth, but now I can hippity hop all over the place no problemo! In fact, I jump around just for the heck of it ALL the time!

  • I struggle with tough conversations and to make big family decisions. I noticed, on more than one occasion during the program, that I handled family bumps with very little anxiety and managed difficult conversations with my husband without raising my voice or getting defensive. This isn’t something he overlooks - a great motivator for him to support me in making these changes. My ability to feel grounded, present and patient comes with much more ease when I am able to dial in the habits.

  • While I don’t always feel rested and energized (I mean, my infant is only 6 months old!), I have SO many tools now to help aid in better sleep when I can manage it and to find energy when its low.

There were a few very surprising effects that I didn’t expect:

  • While the habits didn’t specify this, I found myself craving less TV and social media. I was able to identify my related habit triggers and to incorporate some new, healthier habits in their place. I started listening to podcasts and reading more. I almost feel like I have gone back to school. I’m learning new things every day and it feels so incredible!

  • I have started feeling more confident in social settings! As someone that has, sometimes debilitating, social anxiety, this is HUGE. Whether its being in the group setting week after week, or a great side effect of the rest and balance, I can’t be sure. What I do know now is that I am definitely not as awkward and unworthy as I used to believe.

  • I saved SO much money! This one I really didn’t expect. I was motivated to get back into meal planning, which not only led to much smaller grocery bills, but also meant avoiding food waste. In addition to this, spending less time online, meant I was spending much less time being tempted by advertising and online shopping. I went from receiving new packages for myself or my daughter almost daily, to basically stopping shopping completely after the first few weeks.

I could go on and on. It’s hard to summarize such an incredible journey. I hope that in my sharing, I might inspire others to take the same leap.

This isn’t a weight loss program, or a self help program. It isn’t one size fits all. I like to think of it as gentle guidance to help each participant find their own perfect balance, based in the ancient wisdom that is Ayurveda. Woah. sounds awesome, right?! It is.

No one person’s implementation is going to be the same, but we all go in with similar hopes, and finish with similar dreams realized. Oh yeah! Did I mention this is a group thing? There is something about the accountability and just knowing you aren’t in it alone that makes it… We were all growing as individuals, but also bonding as a group. We bared our souls and let ourselves cry and laughed so hard we cried some more (seriously, so many laughs).

Before I finish up, I really need to give credit where credit is due. I know I am not alone in saying that none of us would have been nearly as successful without the guidance of Carly. She really bares her soul, and let’s her light inspire and motivate each and every one of her clients. She is willing to go the extra mile with individual attention which I was really blown away by.

May we all have a happy, healthy, extraordinary and beautiful 2018. Actually; life. Why stop at 2018! Thanks to The Habits of the Real You, The years ahead look easeful and energized.

I enjoyed this program so much, I hope to do it again. And again. And again. Maybe I will see you there with me?

xo Tessa