I can't even describe how much better I feel.

I'm all for habit stacking - so pop in your earbuds and listen to this 25 minute talk on the many many benefits of something that has totally changed how I feel, in mind, body and spirit.

What you'll hear:

  • How to set your goals based on how you WANT TO FEEL, not how you want to look.

  • How are we different from our monkey ancestors?

  • Ask yourself, how many movement breaks do you take in a day?

  • My NUMBER ONE recommendation to jump start your day

  • #fulltruth - "I have not worked out for longer than 7 minutes at one time... like ever."

This small habit shift has played a huge part in the big, permanent changes I've experienced in the last 2 years. Check it out and let me know; How are you going to jump start your energy today?