Where are your energy leaks?


Ayurveda Teaches us that there are three simple focuses in living optimally. Referred to as the 3 pillars of health, it is said that if we are in alignment with these three areas of life “all other signs of imbalance shall be removed”. Sounds pretty great right? It is.

In case you missed the last two:

The first pillar is Ahara, or your relationship with food.

The second is Nidra, or your relationship with sleep.


(a.k.a the wise use of your divine energy)

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Where do you spend your energy? Like, what goes down in a day that leaves you feeling tapped out? Make a quick mental list before moving forward...

Now here’s a quick question: How many things on that list are things you can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about?  

And this question isn’t intended to bring you to a sense of overwhelm at all the sh*t you can’t control…. It’s to invite you to shift your perspective to that which you can. We waste SO MUCH TIME being sad or resentful or angry about stuff we can do nothing about, while overlooking many many energy leaks in our personal lives.

In your ‘downtime’, how much time do you spend

  • On social media?

  • In front of the tv?

  • Engaging in negative conversations (gossip, venting, judging, bitching). Draining others?

  • Spending time with energy vampires, people that drain you?

  • Harboring resentment for all the ways you’re not supported?

  • Living up to someone else's expectations?

  • Guilt tripping yourself?

  • Judging yourself?

  • Avoiding uncomfortable feelings through eating or shopping?

All of these actions have been proven to increase cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and lessen our overall sense of well-being.

And NONE of it is forced on you by someone else.

Ayurveda teaches us to simply take advantage of our downtime, by implementing actions that fill our own cup.

  • How much time do you spend in gratitude?

  • Thanking your body for carrying you, and giving it loving attention?

  • Thanking your loved ones for all they do for you?

  • Taking breaks from stimulation, breaks from mental processing?

  • Getting outside, just for fun?

  • Leaving your phone behind?

  • Being fully present and thankful for a meal lovingly prepared (p.s this is scientifically proven to help your digestion)?

For his book 10% happier, Dr. Dan Harris studied a bunch of relationships and determined that for a positive relationship to exist there needs to be 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative one.

Because we tend to focus on the bad stuff, we need 5 times as many good things to occur in order to feel good overall. So never mind what’s going on in all the spaces you can’t really change. What are you doing with the moments you can control?

I can tell you from working alongside over 1000 women and families, THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Like many many things, happiness is a habit. Feeling at ease is a habit. Dropping stress is a habit we all can cultivate with practice.

I can show you how to get there. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog, and keep an eye out for an upcoming FREE Healthy Habits 101 class in the works!

xo Carly

p.s - wondering why there's a picture of people kissing in this post? BECAUSE, my dears, when you align to the three pillars of life, and find yourself with healthy food cravings, restful sleep, mental clarity and a general sense of gratitude..... you get your MOJO BACK ;)