the Journey to Self Love - K Eileen’s Story

The Journey to Self Love.

11 Weeks to the Real You. I read it again. 11 Weeks to the Real You. Wow, I thought. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? I was 29 and had no idea who that was, or what she looked like anymore. Feeling lost and really lonely, I messaged Carly. As we talked, I could recount the days when I felt happier, felt prettier. I relished the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. I greeted each day with a smile and enthusiasm. When did all of that change? I didn’t even realise how much I had changed. I was feeling horrible about my body and the insecurities I felt translated into every aspect of my life. Through some gentle questioning and conversation I came to realize there was a big divide and disconnect from the person I used to be, the person I wanted to be and the person that I currently was. It was clear I wanted to change the way I felt about myself and about life in general. It seemed like quite the stretch, but I was committed to trying. And desperate to figure out who the real me was. Or could be.


Our first meeting was a little unnerving. But it was almost spiritual what flourished- 10 women bonded together to share, encourage and grow alongside one another. Our very own VIBE TRIBE.

Each week offered a new habit to introduce. Simple things to implement into your daily routines. Week 1 seemed easy. Coupled with week 2, I noticed some welcomed changes, but week three is when I really started to feel the positive impacts of the habits. I started to feel joy when I woke up. In place of pressing snooze 5 + times, I woke with a smile, hydrated and moved my body. Walking my dogs was a happy activity, no longer resented. I found myself with more energy. At work I was able to exercise more patience - and let me tell you. People noticed.

I was so motivated and felt like it was all going swimmingly. But then you know, life happened. Crisis’ at work, heartbreak, anniversary of a death … as quick as I was to adopt healthier habits, it was just as easy to sink back into the ones that did not serve me, that had been my closest companions for the last few years. Late night snacks, wine, netflix binges in bed. Snooze. Snooze. Rush. Repeat. This lasted for a week or so. We call it “checking out”. When you justify all the actions that work against you. “I’m too busy, too sad. Too lonely. Too tired.” Too busy/sad/lonely/tired for what….. SELF LOVE!?

With the help of Carly and our VIBE TRIBE, I was able to recover and bring myself back in check. Start back at step one, adding small changes each day, reinforcing new habits to let love in. The next few weeks, I continued to work the habits. Taking care of body & mind. I finished the first round of habits feeling totally renewed. I felt spirited, confident and enthusiastic about possibility. 11 weeks and I knew, this is the REAL ME!

Do I ever check out? Sure, once in a while. But I have a wealth of knowledge and tools to dig myself out of those holes. And I’ve got a community of powerful women who care and support me through the highs and lows - who inspire me every single day.

Say yes to #Radicalselfcare … Let love in. Let me tell you - it feels -ohso- good.  


xx K Eileen