Happiness Hacks

The Power of Outside

In a flurry of over working and not paying attention to the requirement of daily calm and movement, my energy found it's way out through a large bag of Doritos last night. 

Add to that sleeping in this morning (I'm usually up at 530, it was 730 today. I slept for 9.5 hours which was way too long), and I was a bottle of groggy anger today. My whole family was, really. All of us were irritable, even the baby. Ivy sulked and cried, Avery and I barked at each other and muttered under our breath. 

One of the last weekend's before winter, we had a list of outside tasks to accomplish.  We argued over what time to get moving outside, we argued with Ivy about her not wanting to help. Big annoyed sighs all around.

And then... We went outside.

We raked the leaves together. We cleaned out the car. We built a silly looking lady out of garbage bags full of leaves. We put on the tunes and danced and breathed in the sunlight.

And it all went away. 


We were going to go to the pool in the afternoon, but dropped the idea in favor of hitting up a local corn maze. We ran around and got lost and played in a pumpkin patch and mooed at some cows. And it was soooo fun. 


Was it the vitamin d? The sunshine? Fresh air or moving our bodies? A mix I'm sure. Whatever it was it instantly pulled us from the funk. ALL OF US.


This is it my friends; 

Productivity & happiness hacks at their finest. 

What do you do to shake the dullness out of your days? Share your comments below!