Wild & Wise - Ayurveda, the moon, and your monthly cycle

feeling “all over the place”?

Do you ever feel out of it and you're not sure why?
…like sometimes you can't stay focused?

Do you wake some mornings excited to get after your goals,
and other’s just wanting to stay under the covers?

Do your communication skills shift from day to day?
… sometimes you could chat with strangers for hours, while other days you can barely string a sentence together for your family members?

Join The Habit for a FREE class on YOUR HORMONES.

From the wisdom of Ayurveda (the 7,000 year old science of self), this one hour class will teach you:

  • the basic functions of your endocrine (hormone) system, the four main phases of your monthly cycle, and the common mental, physical and emotional effects

  • how to track your cycle, and make the most of each phase (yes, even pms) using ancient self care practices that are SIMPLE to adopt

  • tips on aligning your body with the moon’s cycle, to amplify your life experience

Includes a free downloadable tracking template