Make life easy on yourself.



For women who are overwhelmed
... overweight
... over-tired
... over-stimulated
... over-scheduled
... over it.

You’re invited to join me, in

the Everyday Ayurveda course.

A program designed to help you discover what your body needs, and create SIMPLE daily habits that FIT into YOUR CURRENT SCHEDULE, so you can get on with your day:

FEELING RESTED (who knew that could be a thing these days?)
(whaaaat, like, without coffee & sugar? Yup.)
(move over, constant internal to-do list / guilt trip, mommy’s hanging with the kids)
(a.k.a your husbands new favorite thing about you)
(your inner child is having a dance party just thinking about it)
(goodbye blackout snacking. It’s not me it’s you.)

All from the comfort of your own home.

Lemme just pause here and let you know; this program is NOT about new fads or “amazing secrets”.
There’s NO PILLS.
There’s no “band-aid” or “quick fix” that will leave you back where you started (or worse off) in a few months.

AYURVEDA is the 7,000 year-old wisdom your body is longing for.

You’re about to learn & implement tools that have worked for thousands of years.


The first time I met Carly, she was about 2 minutes into explaining what Ayurveda was when I started crying. I cried thru her entire talk, and knew I could make vast and sweeping changes with her help. Life changing.
— Holley M.
This program literally saved my life. I am a single mom, with a career and a small business, I gave up on finding “balance.” Then came Carly. I have started several programs here and there and never seem to complete them and feel like I failed. So, I give up. Carly let me know right from the beginning that we are not seeking perfection and was there for me every step of the way. I look forward to each new habit and work through them at my own pace. Carly is the most dynamic facilitator I have worked with. She is funny, supportive, kind and passionate. I highly recommend this program to everyone.
— Amy S.


What you’ll learn
(a.k.a why you need this...)

The Everyday Ayurveda course is broken into 8 modules that focus on the many many many different stressors, decisions, responsibilities, and needs of a woman today. Time to get your mind, body & emotions right, so you can start living the life you deserve.


module 1 - make space:

Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? No energy? This might have something to do with your gut health. In module 1, learn what digestion has to do with energy levels & sleep quality, and create strategies around the sh*t you know would make a healthy relationship with food easier (ahem, meal planning). What are you making space for? FOR MORE TIME TO CHILL, and do the things that make life feel awesome.


module 2 - rest & restore

Can’t remember the last time you had a truly restful sleep? Module 2 has you covered. Understand your specific obstacles & imbalances around sleep and create a customized bedtime routine (yes just like a baby has). Learn about the autonomic nervous system and super simple ways to get you out of stress response and into relaxation mode.


module 3 - rise & shine

I know how you LOVE being woken up by absolutely anything other than your own desire to wake up. The kids, the husband’s alarm, the dog at the door. Every morning you wake up to a reminder that your time does not belong to you. NO. LONGER. In module 3 you steal back your time, and start your day right every day with simple daily detox practices that will have you feelin’ peak state vibes all day long.


module 4 - DIVINE PLAY

Working out, well, it can really make us feel terrible.… okay actually it’s the lack of working out. The falling off the workout wagon. The “I went to the gym three days in a row and I feel amazing!” followed by “something came up” and “omg I forgot to go” and “I don’t feel like it” and “oops I just paid for a year of gym membership and went 5 times”. Man we make life harder than it needs to be sometimes.
In module 4 you learn the most effective methods of reaching your desired body weight or fitness level, suited to your body type and energy levels, and the best time of day for you to do them for the most impact. Moving your body is fun. Stop making “working out” feel like work.


module 5 - the wild wisdom of weeds

ENOUGH WITH THE DIETS ALREADY! “diet starts Monday” and “I can’t eat that right now” are officially no longer part of your vocabulary. In Module 5 you learn about the 6 tastes in Ayurveda, and how they are used to decrease excess cravings, heal physical, mental & emotional imbalance, boost immunity and INCREASE JOY. You’ll embrace eating the things you love most, without a drip of guilt.


module 6 - sensual pleasures

The human bod needs more than just diet and exercise to feel healthy. In fact, sometimes too much focus on these things has the opposite effect. From the teachings of Ayurveda and feminine form Tantra, in Module 6 you’ll pick up tools to deeply nourish your body and senses. Create a custom blend of essential oils to support your most easy-going self. Tantra teaches us to fall in love with our every day life experience. Who doesn’t want that?


module 7 - room to breathe

Don’t pretend you haven’t heard that you should be meditating. Everyone knows it’s proven to be one of our greatest tools for emotional regulation & de-stressing. But if you’re anything like me, you might not have time (or not take time right now because life is wacky). Module 7 gives you the many many stepping stones to silence, and teaches you how to make the most of the moments you DO have. Time to kick all that excess internal dialogue to the curb.


module 8 - easeful living

The pursuit of yoginis and vedics and buddhists is all the same; BLISS.
Which isn’t a constant state of ecstatic feelings, as much as it’s the ability to be cool with what is.
In the final module you harness the ability to flip the switch from stress to ease. We get to choose how we feel about life. You’re about to get a whole lot more intentional about your choices.

I can’t say enough about the impact this course has had on my well-being, and the well-being of my family. I finally have the tools to stay in a place of physical, mental and emotional balance, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to pass them on to my kids. I wish I had taken this course years ago!
— Emily G.
The Everyday Ayurveda course helped me prioritize and appreciate that SMALL baby steps can have a huge compounding impact for growth. Its work. Its self discovery. It’s empowering to the core! I’m feeling way more in control of my life, and prioritizing these little shifts which I know will continue to pay it forward years to come!
Highly recommend this program!
— Vicki K



There’s some MAGIC in these teachings, my dear. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

I’ve been through programs before (maybe you have too), that I didn’t quite get what I needed from. I mean for sure, it’s fascinating to learn about ancient tools for living your best life… but without the right structure, if you’re anything like me, most of the information will fall in one ear and out the other, and you won’t implement more than half of it.

Not here my friend.

There are 4 critical keys to permanent change. And I’ve made sure this course includes them all:

key #1 - understand

Videos, quizzes, and group coaching calls help you understand HOW your body works, HOW you’re out of balance, and the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to balance out, from the 7,000 year-old science of self care. Access the course hub when it’s convenient for you, and learn at your own speed.

key #2 - BE CLEAR

Where do you want to end up? What will life look like one year from now? Get clear on your values, your goals, and what you REALLY want from this life using journal prompts, checklists, mental/emotional exercises and more.

key #3 - find your flow

What works for one person may not (or likely won’t) work for someone else. You want to make change, but you’ve got your current list of to-dos / responsibilities / stuff going on to deal with, too. You need to create a daily routine that works for YOUR SCHEDULE, and I’ve got all the templates, hacks, and proven science behind creating better habits that stick, in a routine that works for YOU.

key #4 - find your tribe

Chances are, your husband / best friend / coworker isn’t in the mood to make the same changes you are, at the same time. In FACT, it’s easiest for our loved ones if we don’t change at all, because then they don’t have to either. Find accountability & support with a group of women on the same path. Connect during group calls & on our private Facebook page. Engage in fun & connective challenges to step you out of your comfort zone & win you some awesome prizes.

it’s all here.
you just have to show up.

Thank YOU!!! I am forever great full to the universe for crossing our paths!!😍 It was definitely meant to be!! You have done more then you will ever know for myself AND my family!!🥰 (seriously though my husband owes you big time😂)
My marriage was falling apart and my kids were stuck in a war they didn’t even know about and you 100% saved us❤️. I am SO proud of who I am today and so excited to see all of the things I will learn and accomplish in the future!!😍 Those are things I haven’t been able to say in a very long time❤️ Because of you and everything you have taught me I love myself a little more everyday, I trust myself a little more everyday and I can recognize when I am being unkind or hard on myself and change those thoughts to something positive❤️ There is absolutely no way I can express my appreciation for who you are and what you do Carly❤️❤️
— Niki K.
Carly is brilliant. Her easy gentle approach takes something that can feel so complicated. And she breaks it down so it’s doable. And easy. I was looking to make some health changes and her support made me feel supported and cared for.
I gained perspective on why I make the choices I do, and what I can do to focus on healthy choices. I found myself “accidentally” making healthier and healthier choices, as the course went on. It’s really a genius system that helped me be a better me. And the impacts ripple into my role as a mom, entrepreneur and partner.
Work with Carly. She is amazing.
— Meaghan A.

A course in prioritizing your most basic needs first, which leads to being more creative, focused, and present for those you love.

You don’t have to waste any more time feeling anything less than awesome.




Here’s a few of the common questions around the course:

When does the program start? We walk through the 8 modules of this program with weekly live classes, 3x per year, but the prep school is ALWAYS OPEN. Get in today and get started on your journey, you’ll be ready to rock the next live session!

How long is the course? You’ll always have access to the course content on the hub, and can go through that at your own pace. There are a couple of options for engaging in live group calls & coaching; 3 months, 8 months, or a year. Schedule a call to find out which is the right fit for you.

When are the group calls? The call schedule for the next round is yet to be determined, but I do my best to vary call times to ensure all members get access to live calls.

What is I miss the group calls? No problemo, life happens. Everything is recorded and uploaded to the course hub within 24 hours for your playback pleasure.

How much of my time is this going to take? Each week we have a 75minute call. The course videos are less than 20 minutes. The habits you’ll implement are varied in length, but there’s a 2-minute version of almost all of them! There’s a ton of opportunity to engage with the community and take advantage of the traction here. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

I have kids / a husband. Do I have to get them to do what I’m doing? NO. Ayurveda teaches us to start with understanding and caring for our own selves, so we can better care for others. Once your family sees what you’re up to, and how much better you’re feeling, they’ll likely just follow suit.

Is it expensive? It’s an investment for sure. And MANY things are worth an investment (including your long term health, happiness + ease in your family life, and confidence in your path on this planet). There are a few options for enrollment, and payment plans are available. Investment starts at $897.
Think about this: Every dollar we spend promotes the growth of something.
Your dollar spent at the coffee shop promotes the growth of the chain.
Your dollar spent on clothing supports the growth of the label.
And a dollar spent on your mental, emotional + physical well-being.... well you tell me, what could that do?

Never invested in yourself? Start HERE.

What’s your refund policy if I’m not getting what I need out of this? Rest easy with my 100% money back guarantee. I want you to do what works FOR YOU! Join us for the first 2 modules. If, after partaking in the module 1&2 lectures and completing the assignments, you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money, honey.

Other questions? I’m all ears. Book your 30 minute consult today.
NO STRINGS ATTACHED. I want to make sure you KNOW this is for you.

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We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Maybe it's time to do something different.