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Less is So Much More - FREE De-cluttering Challenge

Less is So Much More.


Join the Habit tribe this spring, where the theme is all about RENEW, REFRESH, & RESTORE.

In Benjamin Hardy’s book, Willpower Doesn’t Work, he explains how very much our external environment influences our feelings, thoughts, and from there, the actions we take in this life.

You can do all kinds of self improvement work. But if your every day space isn’t setup to continue to support you when the work is done? Welcome to backslides-ville.

This Spring we’re taking a 4 step approach to positive, permanent habit change:

  1. External environment flush (a.k.a de-cluttering)

  2. Surface cleanse (a.k.a skin detox)

  3. Internal environment flush (21 day Ayurvedic detox)

  4. The Habits of The Real You

It starts here, with a FREE challenge to support your big beautiful goals, with clean, zen spaces that lighten your mental load and bring space for creative action.

  • No more getting distracted by your “to-do” list.

  • No more overwhelm when you open the closet, that drawer in your kitchen, your garage.

  • No more sitting down at your desk to 25 things that don’t deserve your attention.

Join a group of peeps on a mission to live with less.

Once registered, you’ll receive a ton of awesome content to support less clutter and more ease.

  • Access to our Facebook group

  • D.I.Y Videos & de-cluttering hacks

  • Motivation from me, AND the other members of the group

  • Tips on getting your kids & hubby involved

  • Tools to create a “plan” for your space moving forward

3 Weeks of the ultimate Spring cleaning challenge. Are you ready for the support of a tribe in creating space for yourself this spring? Yup you are.

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