What women are experiencing through The Habit's programs:

"I’ve been trying to find the words to properly express my experience with The Habit and the only term that perfectly describes it for me is “transformative”.

Many people expressed that they reached out to The Habit but for me the program just kind of fell into my lap. It’s no coincidence that at the exact time in my life when I started making serious and positive changes The Habit just sort of appeared. This life gives you exactly what you need when you need it and The Habit is EXACTLY what I was asking for.

My life is and has been incredibly busy, meaning I found little to no time for myself in the day and had no idea what proper self-care truly meant. I live in a big city with constant hustle and bustle around me. At the best of times I would express my anxiety levels 5 or 6 / 10 and at worst a crippling 11 or 12 / 10. I always felt anxiety. Over the last 11 weeks I have learned so much about myself. Why imbalances in our lives cause mental health issues and unhappiness. How everything is connected and when we start to break down the negative aspects in our day to day it becomes clear and obvious why we struggle. For the first time since I can remember I don’t feel crippling anxiety. I’m able to sleep. I’m able to tell the negative voices in my head to sit down. I’m able to laugh and see things as challenges instead of dead ends. Since diving into this program and really submerging myself in it I have learned 11 (mostly haha) simple habits to help make life easier, more fulfilling and just generally better.

I’ll be participating in the next round, the round after that and the round after that. The Habit is so important for anyone looking to take a path of complete self-care and change.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Do it. Do it for yourself. You’ll be thanking Carly in 11 weeks. :)"

“One thing I’ve always struggled with was accountability. In the past, I’ve had high hopes for fitness, eating healthy and being on screens in moderation, but those hopes fly away because I let them. I don’t have a lot of self control. I always allowed myself to eat those chip while I watched Youtube because I deserved them after a bad day. That was a lie I was telling myself. Now, today, with the help of the Habits of the Real You course, I have a whole tribe of women encouraging me to put those chips away! To get outside and feel the fresh air on my face. These habits make me feel better and sometimes I wouldn’t experience them without the accountability and help of the other course members lifting me up, keeping me accountable to reach my bigger WHY. I’ve learned that even those these habits are simple, you simply can’t do them on your own. You need the tribe. You need the accountability factor it provides you. You need both of these things to find inner and outer success. “

This program literally saved my life. I am a single mom, with a career and a small business, I gave up on finding “balance.” Then came Carly. I have started several programs here and there and never seem to complete them and feel like I failed. So, I give up. Carly let me know right from the beginning that we are not seeking perfection and was there for me every step of the way. I look forward to each new habit and work through them at my own pace. Carly is the most dynamic facilitator I have worked with. She is funny, supportive, kind and passionate. I highly recommend this program to everyone.

In taking Carly’s Course, I’ve experienced positive shifts in my own habits, which in turn have had a positive effect on my daughter. Carly leads by example with tips that work, and her energy is infectious. She’s the living example of what this program can do if you commit to it.

Taking the 11 Weeks to The Real You program with The Habit and Carly shined a whole new light and perspective on my life. I am now creating better habits that serve myself as well as my whole family. Being part of a community made me realize I’m not alone. As a new first time mom, that feeling creeps in of self doubt. I felt so much love, support and encouragement from this group that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I am so grateful for Carly and all of the women I shared this experience with.

Carly’s Habit group has given me the tools, confidence and supported practice in order to live a better, happier, and more balanced life. I have experienced great life change as a result of these 10 Habits including getting off my antidepressants, losing 15 lbs and generally having a daily enthusiasm for life. Carly makes the habit changes accessible, manageable and even fun! Her story is inspiring and she is a joy to meet with at every weekly meeting!”

"When I found Carly and The Habit - I was feeling depleted. I felt unfulfilled, unsatisfied, everything felt wrong while nothing was really seemed wrong at all. I expressed my interest in the program, and Carly called me on the phone. We had scheduled thirty minutes to chat, but we talked for forty five and I had a really cathartic cry. There was so much empathy exchanged I surrendered to her offer. It was the very best decision I had made in a long time. I learned so much about myself, about self care, self love .... the changes that followed are immeasurable. I feel spirited about life, joyful with stamina to get me through the most taxing days. I am so grateful for the relationships and the skills that were nurtured while participating in The Habit. Embarking on this journey with a group of women who were all on a similar journey was very encouraging. It kept me moving forward!"

Carly, I am so grateful to have found you and The Habits! This program has really helped me learn to carve out space and time to take better care of myself in our very busy family life with young children and full-time careers. Your fresh, honest perspective made the program fun and relatable and I really enjoyed the weekly calls and online forum - I loved the feeling of community within the group! Can’t wait to do it again!

"I’ve been trying to think of the words to give this review my true feelings.....it came to me while describing it to a client of mine today.......life changing!!!! The habits are clearly what we should’ve been taught growing up and instilling in our now as parents. 
Going the last few months falling out of some of the habit I finally returned to my habits last week and the results left me feeling in control of my life; more vibrant, organized and most of all even though I was far more productive I still had time to take care of me!!! 
Carly’s course is amazing. Life changing. Carly is amazing. This is what she was destined to do. She is real, hilarious and so so knowledgeable. I can’t say enough good things about her and this course. Honestly.....5 stars isn’t enough"

"I reached out to the Habit because i was at my breaking point in my life. Im a single mom who works full time. Life was just about work, get the kids ready for bed, make lunches, shower, sleep repeat. I was miserable and missing out on my children growing up and learning. Most of the time didn't even want to be around my kids. I also had no time for me. My life hasn't changed I'm still just as busy but because of Carly i have a totally different attitude towards it. I learned to take care of ME FIRST! which i haven't done in years. Putting me first meant i made time to exercise, eat healthy and practice self care. The Habits have changed my life in a huge way. I am happy and in turn my kids are happy and i am able to be silly with them and not sweat the small stuff. Im the healthiest I've been eating well and sleeping without any medications. My anxiety which has been troubling me for years is so low and sometimes not even there. People at work tell me i am glowing and that there has been a huge shift for me. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling to find balance in life."

This course was unreal. I feel like everyone needs to do it at least once. It was so eye opening to see how easy it is to make simple but effective changes to how we live our lives. People around me started noticing changes in my behavior only a week into the course, sooo ya. Thank you so much.

This program has changed my life in so many ways, it’s hard to know where to begin! I spend so much time nourishing and taking care of myself, without feeling guilty or stressed out. Carly teaches very simple (and often enjoyable!) habits that could easily be incorporated into anyone’s schedule or lifestyle. I have never felt better, even my family has noticed that I smile more and look healthier. I will definitely be taking the program again! Thank you, Carly!

"I reached out to The Habit because I was overwhelmed with self doubt, stress and many emotions that were making me feel like I was going crazy. Carly met with me and explained that making this investment towards myself would be life changing. I recently completed the program and I can say that I feel like I finally gained control of myself, and I now have the tools to apply to my days ahead that are simple to follow, that truly have helped bring me balance to my daily routine. Not only did I lose 7lbs in the first 5 weeks of the program, I also met a group of remarkable people that all had their own reasons of joining The Habit, but meeting these amazing women made me realize we all have our struggles and supporting one another was very helpful and put my life in perspective. I know this program was the right choice for me at this time of my life. I recommend The Habit to anyone that is needing some support or encouragement and/or who feels alone and is seeking some guidance. This program is about bringing back the basics that many of us have forgotten, its more than just about losing weight. This is well balanced program that will bring you some much needed YOU time! Thanks Carly for everything!!! I am loving the new me! xo"

"This course is essential for learning how to adopt little habits while getting big results. Carly has such a beautiful way of providing, support , knowledge and connection with her tribe. This course helped me discover all the little ways I can live my life with happiness and ease. Thank you Carly!"

"I had the pleasure of participating in Carly's fall Habit group and am so happy I did! 3 months postpartum, I was just coming out of my fog and was craving finding some semblance of balance in my life while still navigating new motherhood. The habits have taught me so much about myself and how to listen to what my mind, body and spirit needs. I was concerned that it might be difficult with a 3 month old, but did not find having her hindered me giving it a solid attempt. I highly recommend this to any new mother, not so new mother, or any human looking to balance their life without feeling like they are being forced into a routine that doesn't work for them. It is really all about finding personalized ways to make these habits work for you! Carly is the coach you have been looking for "

"A program that really breaks down how to make it easy to live the life you want to be living, but haven't been able to figure out yet. Carly is unreal and she keeps you focused an on track xx #sograteful

"Carly, I am so grateful to have found you and The Habits! This program has really helped me learn to carve out space and time to take better care of myself in our very busy family life with young children and full-time careers. Your fresh, honest perspective made the program fun and relatable and I really enjoyed the weekly calls and online forum - I loved the feeling of community within the group! Can't wait to do it again!

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