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In establishing a deep understanding of my body and it's connection to the earth, and in becoming a Yoga Health Coach, a Yoga instructor's certification felt like the natural next step. But something just wasn't sitting well with me in the world of western yoga.

I have stood in many a class, feeling disconnected. Attending "yoga" class in an attempt to ground myself, and let go of some of my inner dialogue, only to find myself in a room with a variety of women doing the same thing I was doing, quite unsuccessfully.

With each movement through a series of postures, we'd sneak glances of ourselves in the large mirrors. We'd check our posture, pull up our pants, and quickly glance at the others in the room, comparing ourselves to them and their progress. I didn't feel good about myself, and I didn't let go of all the things I set out to let go of in that 60 minutes.

And so, in deciding whether to become a yoga instructor myself, I thought about how I could provide something different. And what came up for me was two of the biggest things I've learned as an Yoga Health Coach: 

1. Yoga doesn't mean what most people think it means.

The word "Yoga" means union or connection with oneself, and the path of a yogi is eight-fold. There are 8 focuses - the asanas, or postures, being only one of them. I want to be the kind of yoga teacher that connects students to the other 7 steps on the path, and connects them to themselves in a way that feels easy. Because,

2. great change happens one step at a time

In the chaotic mess that can feel like our every day life, it's a bit of a leap to step out of overwhelm and into divine bliss in 60 minutes. I want to provide a style of yoga that is an in between. Something that's not so intense. Something we won't compare ourselves to others in doing. Something that will make us smile and have fun and be just okay with whatever.

And do you know where I found the answer? KIDS YOGA. It just clicked. 


And so it was born.... Leela Yoga.

Leela means divine play.

As a Rainbow Yoga Instructor, I'm certified to teach from newborns up. All the way up. So, I've chosen to teach children. teens and adults a new style of yoga.

Through connective touch exercises, partner postures, human mandalas and acro sequences, we find what has been lost. An opportunity to let go of the self. 

The divine feeling of play.

Women's group, mom-and-kid, and mom-and-teen classes coming soon.
Want to join us? Email and let me know!
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